Itinerary…as well as another fantastic blog to check out.

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        Here is my itinerary for my upcoming European adventure. I must confess part of my upcoming adventure was inspired by a friend of mine named Ray. Ray took a bus, ship, boat, and plane to get to Ibiza, Spain, he created a blog to document his trip and is currently writing a series on depression. Rays trip was to do service for a family that was in much need of repairs to their home, and land. Check out his blog for more details, .  

      Now back to me! My European Plans are to first visit Zurich, Switzerland, and several surrounding villages. Italy will include a three-day stop in Rome, again with some visits to one or two nearby villages. While in Rome, I will visit the Vatican, and many of the cultural landmarks in and around the great city. After Switzerland, and Italy, I will be heading to Paris, France, then on to London via the Chunnel. Then it will be on to Cardiff, Wales to see where two of my favorite shows Doctor Who and Torchwood were filmed. After the brief visit to Cardiff, it will be up to Edinburgh, Scotland, while in Edinburgh, I may make a day or two trip to Sweden, and possibly meet up with some people in Munich as well. All via Ryanair or another discount airline, if you have a suggestion on another discount airline let me know. 
While on this adventure I will be taking many pictures, I am going to guess several thousand. If you have a photograph ask for a city or country that I will be visiting please let me know. I will do my best to capture an image for you.  Upon capturing the images I will then upload them to my fine art america profile page, where you can buy a print, choosing the size that you want. 

        Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Itinerary…as well as another fantastic blog to check out.

  1. JT, your Dallas fan-club is counting down with you! …the planned stuff can be boring…we can’t wait to read about what goes wrong and what takes your breath away

    PS – whatever you packed, throw
    half of it and add small travel companion (I take a kite to fly and a little monkey).

    Excited for you!


    • Ray, I am taking with me a Gnome, my colleges mascot in bobble head form, and a flag. Won’t tell you what the flag is till I post a picture of it. I have to have a few surprises for the readers.

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