Most of the time that I travel, I usually pack twenty-four to forty-eight hours before my trip. However since this is not  my typical fly from point A to point B in the United States trip, I have started packing a whole ninety-six hours early, my suit case is nearly half full, and I have most of my toiletry bag full. There are a few items of course that which will be packed at the last-minute, however I plan to have most of my packing complete either by tomorrow or at the latest Friday. My carry will include, my laptop, camera gear, magazines, books, mp3 player, saline nasal spray, and zinc lozenges for starters. One last-minute item I just realized I would like to get is TSA approved luggage locks, after all it is a long flight from Detroit, MI to Zürich, Switzerland, and I do plan on getting a little sleep on the plane. Therefore I would like to have a small piece of mind that my carry-on luggage is some what secure. 

       As there are now four days till take off on this 2012 adventure, I am getting more and more excited as 1 July approaches. Cannot wait to post photographs and videos from my adventure. Ciao for now!Image


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