Bellinzona, Switzerland

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Bellinzona, Switzerland which was a short distance away via train. I went with my cousins daughter Alessia, and several of her friends. Upon arriving in Bellinzona we walked from the train station to a waiting bus which took us within a short distance of their high school. We toured the high school briefly, then headed for the Castle. The Castle involved a bit of walking, it was worth it though for the wonderful views that one was repaid with upon reaching its highest points. I cannot begin to imagine what it was like back in the Castles busiest of times.

     Having toured the Castle, and having forced my new-found Swiss friends to climb a bit with their new-found American friend. We took a break in-between the Castle and upcoming shopping to eat some local gelato. Which was very tasty, I had one scoop of chocolate and a scoop of cookie. After gelato it was time for a little shopping in one of the local shopping malls. One of the guys in the group was getting a few items for one of his cousins birthdays. 

      After the shopping was done, most of us headed back to the train station while two of the group continued to wonder the streets of Bellinzona. The train ride back was relaxing, and uneventful, everyone was a little tired from all the walking, and the heat it was 36 degrees Celsius when we left on the train. I was able to get some cardio in while walking around, since there aren’t any gyms in the village. 

      Once we were back in the village it was time to take a shower. A nice cold shower hit the spot! That was followed by homemade pizza, fresh fruit, and of course a few glasses of aqua. Had one half liter of Swiss beer, it wasn’t too bad about 4.8% alcohol. 

      When dinner was finished Alessia went next door to hang out with her friends, I was invited, however I was just too tired to go. Her father and I watched some Italian news, and then we watched a little CNN. After watching some CNN I headed for bed. There is construction on two new houses just outside my window, which come morning doesn’t really allow for one to sleep past a certain time. 

       Until next time…Ciao!Image



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