4th and 5th of July

Well yesterday I celebrated the 4th of July here in a small village in Switzerland with a Cardinal Blonde half liter beer after dinner. Then a little later in the evening my cousin in-laws cousin came over for a visit. Myself and the rest of the men, went out to have some flavored liquor, the first had a nutty taste with a slight hint of grapes. The second liquor was much smoother, and I am not really sure how to describe the taste, the nice thing is both were homemade. With the first kind having been fomented outside in the sun for 40 days. The recipe included unripened nuts that were cut, and placed in with the rest of the ingredients to ferment. After the first shot, I slowly sipped on the next flavor. Even though I did not understand most of the conversation it was nice to sit around with others and just enjoy the beautiful view and company.
Earlier in the day my cousin, her youngest daughter Diana, a friend of hers, and myself went to a public swimming pool in the town of Bellinzona, Switzerland. The drive is slightly faster than the train, which was good since it rained on and off while we were there. However that did not stop me from doing a few laps(i.e. 2-3), as well as making a few jumps from the three and five meter diving platforms. I think the U.S. Olympic diving team can rest easy. While at the pool I actually treaded water for ten minutes beating my old record of two minutes. Guinness book of world records does not have to worry about me breaking the world record of treading water anytime soon. I am sure its more than ten minutes. Mr. Gnome of course was on hand to enjoy a quick dip in the pool, however after being at the pool for close to two hours the rain started coming down harder. We gathered up our items and headed for the car.
It was then off to a store that basically has everything from home repair items, to sports equipment. The store also had a nice café(with wait staff), I went with a small decaf coffee. It was nice to have a quick little drink before dropping off Diana’s friend, and heading back to my cousins home.
Upon arriving home, it was time to get ready for dinner.

July 5
This morning I was up at 8:30 a.m., had a bowl of cereal, a yogurt, and some orange juice. Brushed my teeth and got ready to head out on a bike to ride around the village. I rode around for a little over an hour and half, before meeting Alessia and Diana at their cousins hair salon. Alessia was there getting her hair done, I arrived just as they were about ready to walk home. The three of us headed home, and are not waiting till it is time to eat lunch. After lunch I will likely go out and explore some more either via bike or walking.

Until next time. Ciao!


4 thoughts on “4th and 5th of July

    • In the movie Amélie, the main characters father has a Gnome in his front yard that one day goes missing. Then a few days later he starts getting post cards with Pictures of the Gnome on the front standing in front of places like the Statue of Liberty, etc… I took that idea, and decided to do the same thing with my trip.

  1. …that little gnome will be a valuable family heirloom, by the time you get home. Remember, if he doesn’t come back with some scars, marks or missing appendages, he didn’t travel hard enough…allow him to see a little danger 🙂 (that’ll make for some GREAT photos, too!)

    I hope you’re having the time of your life!

    • I am sure he will get a few marks on him before returning to the U.S.. As you can see the village my family lives in in Switzerland is very beautiful, and relaxing. In the courtyard of their building they have a garden where they grow their own vegetables. I am sure your sleeping now, I’ll talk to you later. Ciao!

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