Oldest part of the village


          Well you can imagine that as the title suggest a few old buildings in the old part of town. After dinner my cousin Nico took me up to a point that you could see most of the village from. This point is located in the old part, tomorrow if it does not rain I am told we will be able to head up into the mountains and get a great view of the village down below. After checking out the high spot in the old part, we drove around for a bit, just looking at all the old buildings. Seeing one that looked really interesting I asked if we could stop the car so I could stick my camera out the window to take some pictures. She said sure, and then told me that the people who owned the house were regulars of her café when she and her husband used to own it. 

           Parking the car we got out and walked into a quaint courtyard with a small building that was just as old if not older than the house the owners lived in. After getting the blessing of the owners I wandered around for several minutes taking pictures of the quaint courtyard. Then the owner walked us out, and proceeded to take us across the street to the oldest house in the village. Which now is being used for storage, due to its historical nature it can only be restored a certain way. It still looks pretty good for being I am guessing some where between three to seven hundred years old. The roofs are made up of individual flat stones layered one on top of each other. Took some pictures of the oldest house in the village. I just had too, after all who knows how much longer it will be standing. We said are good byes, and headed home for the evening. 

             Upon arriving home I uploaded the images to my computer, and proceeded to separate the good pictures from the not so good pictures. I have inserted a picture below of the oldest house in the village. 



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