The hills are alive with the sound of…cowbells? Sì!

More Cowbell

       Ciao everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. A few hours ago just got back from climbing the Swiss Alps……in a car. It would have only been a little over six thousand feet if I had walked/climbed. My legs and quads are glad that I did not climb it by foot. 

      From my cousins village it was through it was over the hills, through the woods, and a few tunnels, and we reached the top of St. Goddard pass. 


         Once we reached the top, my cousin Nico and I did a tour of the St. Goddard Museum that is very tiny, however gives a good history of the mountain, the pass, as well as Devils Bridge. The history of the mountain was explained via a letter box multimedia show. After the show, visited the small chapel, and stood atop nice size collection of rocks that gives another fantastic view of the area. 


              Here is a view of the inside of the small chapel. 


        After visiting the chapel, and saying a small prayer, it was time to head back to the village. We took a different route home than we did going to St. Goddard. The way home was on part of the original road that travelers from fifteenth-century would have gone up and down the mountain. Here is how the they got up and down circa seventeenth and eighteenth-centuries. 


              On our way down there were many more breath-taking views and picturesque scenes. Here is one that made my day, and is definitely a high light of the adventure so far.


         Until next time! Ciao!


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