Arrivederci Roma! Lookout Calitri Italy!



             Arrivederci Roma! I am glad to have visited Roma, and check it out my life list of places to vista. However, I highly doubt that I will ever be going back. I know there are probably lots of you who love Roma. Which is great, it’s just not a city that I would want to go back and visit. I was in Roma for three days, and all that I saw and did I could have done in two days, one if I really wanted too. I just found it difficult to get around, very dirty, and noticed that the city to me has a strange funk.

            I enjoyed my time with the lovely Sisters of St. Elizabeth convent, which you can see front of building in the photograph to the right. Image

                I had breakfast two days while at the convent, and the sisters make an awesome fruit yogurt. Today being my last day, and in no hurry to get to the bus terminal and sit/stand around until 3:30 p.m.. I decided to go back to sleep since the notice by the door said that I had to be out by 11 am… There was something above that in Italian the said 10 a.m., oh well. I went back to bed, until I hear the door open at 10 a.m., with a maid walking through the door, as soon as I heard the door I sprang out of bed just in my boxers waving my hands. Which as everyone knows is the international sign for I am not checking out yet. Then just before I was to wake up at 10:30 I get another knock on the door. It is the head maid, who speaking to me in Italian, which left me to have a puzzled look on my face and to reply, “I am checking out now, I will be leaving the room in a few minutes.” To which she flashed me ten fingers telling me that check out was at 10 a.m.. I am just glad she did not flash me one finger. First though I was going to use the bathroom one more time. Which I would come to find out was a smart move financially. I checked out with no problem, the two women working the counter spoke English. 

          With no where around the convent to really relax for several hours until my bus departed from the station at 3:30, I figured I’ll just go to the station and wait there. Just maybe there is a place around the station that I could relax at until my bus arrived for boarding. WRONG! The cab ride took me about twenty-minutes, which left me with a little less than four hours before the bus arrived. I am not that upset that I arrived so early, which my track record of getting lost in Roma, all in all it is good that I arrived as early as I did. It gave me a chance to have a slice of pizza, powerade, ice cream sandwich, and a few waters I had purchased at the convent. It gave me a chance to people watch, as well as explain to someone who they could NOT use my phone to make a call. One thing that I was not expecting was the experience of having to pay to use the restroom. I ended up using it twice while at the bus terminal which only cost me a total of one euro and twenty cents. That included all the soap and water I wanted.

         Finally after hours of people watching, and paying to use the toilette it was time to board the bus. Which I am on heading towards Calitri, which is the nearest city to my dads village. Once I arrive in Calitri, my cousin will be there waiting to drive me back to the village. Which I am told is only a ten to fifteen-minute car ride. Once there, I’ll meet my dad’s sister, my aunt for the first time. After exchanging some pleasantries, I would like to eat some food, and enjoy a nice shower. 

         One last thing last night I sat on the roof of the convent which overs magnificent panoramic views of the city. I sat with a one Euro Perroni, Birra(bought from the convent vending machine) with a chair overlooking the road just a short distance away. In the time it took me to finish my birra, I counted one hundred and fifty motorbikes, and five bicyclist. Oh, and while I was in Roma, I counted only twenty-five European carryalls. Well I am going to do my best to get a little sleep before I arrive at Calitri.

         Until next time! Ciao!


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