Lucerne, Switzerland

          Ciao! It was another early day for me, was up at 7:00 a.m., eating breakfast then I was on my way to the train station to wait about twenty-minute for the train to arrive and take me to Lucerne, Switzerland a little over two-and-half hours away. Once the train arrived, I did my best to take a little nap, in-between taking in the beautiful scenery that I was passing-by. 

          Once I arrived in Lucerne, I headed for the tourist information center located conveniently inside the train station. I had found the Bourbaki Panorama, which has as a name suggests a massive panoramic painting from the nineteenth century. It is definitely a must see if you are going to be in the area, and like me love to see fantastic art. I must have spent a little over an hour-and-a-half looking at this massive panoramic painting, as well as the several artifacts that they have on display from the time period covered in the painting. Here is a quote from the website, “Edouard Castres’ circular painting of 1881 depicts a memorable event of the Franco-Prussian War (1870/71): ‘s Eastern Army, under the command of General  , crosses the Swiss border and gives up its arms in February, 1871” 

     After leaving the Bourbaki Panorama, I headed to the Lion of Lucerne which is only a five to ten-minute walk from the Bourbaki. I spent a short time admiring the Lion, and the skill that went into carving it. After taking some pictures I had a little snack on a hill overlooking the Lion. 



  Mr. Gnome even took a moment to take another break from his book and check out the Lion. If you haven’t seen the movie Amelie, that is where I got the idea to take my Gnome with me on this trip and photograph him at various locations.

       After the Lion, I did some walking along the lake. Where I breathed in the fresh Swiss air, and enjoyed the beautiful boats, and crystal clear water. 


       Then it was back to wandering the streets of “Old Town”, where I stumbled across The Collegiate and Parish Church of St. Leger in the court of Lucerne. Which is another must visit. Though I am mad I missed out on Jesuit Church, having gone to a Jesuit high school.


        Once I left the church I started walking back to the train station, where I grab a bite to eat and two beers. One I started drinking on the platform waiting for the train, and finished once on the train. Gotta love a country that lets you drink a beer while waiting on a train. The other I have in the refrigerator, most likely will have it either at lunch or dinner Tuesday. The ride back was just at gorgeous as the ride to Lucerne. Once I arrived back in the village I walked to my cousins, had dinner, showered, and now am wrapping up this post before I head to bed. Hope you all had a good day. 

        Until next time. Ciao!


One thought on “Lucerne, Switzerland

  1. What BEAUITFUL PICTURES !!!!******** These and all the others take your breath away!!!!!!! WE look forward to them and your writings in the morning when we get up. THANKS FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR ADVENTURES TO SHARE WITH US Love you mOm & Dad XO XO

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