Locarno, Switzerland



        July 17 my cousin Nico and I headed to Locarno, Switzerland for a few hours. It’s just a short forty-minute drive from the village. When we arrived it was not too hot, however by the time we were leaving it was up in the thirties(Celsius). Which roughly translates into a ninety degree Fahrenheit sunny day. 

        We first checked out the exterior of a castle, before making our way through the small narrow and winding streets that are found in most “old parts” of a European city. Found some lovely photographic opportunities, as well as shops, and people. One of the stops included an art gallery that had some interesting art work on the walls by a painter who decided to paint well-known cartoon characters drunk and stoned. The gallery employee told me kids get excited from a distance when they see bugs bunny, then we they get closer their confused why bugs bunny looks stoned. To be honest I was a little confused myself. He and I talked a few minutes, and I gave him the address to my blog and website that has my photographs for sale. Who knows maybe I’ll have a gallery show in Locarno, Switzerland one day. 

         Next was more walking followed by a cold beer, then more walking. Loved the beautiful lake, all the boats, and the people out enjoying the nice day on the water. Would have loved to rented a jet ski to cruise around the lake. Maybe next time. 





       One of the old roads in the “old part” of the village. I found you have to be somewhat attentive when walking around this old winding, and narrow roads. Just for the simple fact that there could be doors just about anywhere, if you’re not paying attention you might just bump into someone. Here is one last picture before I get ready for breakfast, then test driving a car with Nico’s husband. 


          Next time I post an update it will be from Paris, France. 

           Until next time. Ciao!


           P.S. To whomever if following me from Alaska…Ciao!


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