Ciao Switzerland…Bonjour Paris!

First night in Paris, after checking into my hotel I walked to Eiffel Tower.




              Right now I am on the training barreling towards Paris, glancing out the window now and then. I forgot to reserve a seat, and was kindly reminded by the train manager that I needed to make a reservation. After our brief discussion I gave him my Master Card to pay for my ten Euro supplement for my Eurail Pass. Right now the French country-side looks a bit like Switzerland, most likely because the train is still in rural France, and not anywhere near suburban or urban France. Still looks very nice, more sheep than Switzerland, which has a large number of cows that precariously meander the hilly farm land. 


              I was told there was no internet access on the train, which is not totally honest. If I had a French phone number I could get a pass code for the internet. However having just finished the second Salami sandwich my cousin Nico made, I am going to enjoy a Cardinal Blonde Birra from Switzerland, relax and enjoy the remaining oh three plus hours to Paris. Then it is a two subway metro stops and I should be at my hotel. After my Roma experience Nico and I went over where exactly the hotel is on the map, as well as how to reach it by metro. At any sign moment there is a chance of a repeat of Roma, it will be taxi time. 


             Now it is definitely time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. 

       Once I arrived in Paris, it only took me twenty-five minutes to find my hotel, which as you all know is a big improvement from when I arrived in Roma. The check-in process was painless, though getting connected to the internet has not been. The WiFi in the hotel I don’t think it likes my U.S. MacBook, internet woes aside. Once I showered and got settled. I headed out on foot towards the direction I thought the Eiffel Tower was, however I discovered a big beautiful domed building. Then when I did a three hundred and sixty degree turn of where I was, lo and behold I saw the Eiffel Tower. Then began the walk towards one of the world’s most recognizable monuments. A few blocks away I saw the lights on the tower start to sparkle, and heard the crowd roar with delight. Upon seeing the huge tour buses I knew I was in the right area. Then once I cleared a tree-lined path, there it was the Eiffel Tower, very impressive. Stood there for what must have been forty plus minutes, just in awe of the structure. Huge crowds just lounging on the grass drinking wine, beer, and enjoying some cheese(French I am sure).

        Then it was back to the hotel where I started watching National Lampoons European Vacation, until I started to fall asleep. Then it was time to get ready for bed. I “set” the alarm clock, then went to bed. 

        Thursday morning my body wakes me up(not the alarm clock) at around 7:15 a.m., fifteen-minutes after I “set” the alarm, upon closer examination of the clock, I noticed that it read 7:15 p.m., which would explain why it did not go off. Well I am off to explore the city, as I have but this one day, it will be a Griswold style kind of day. 

        Until next time. 






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