Paris, France……Cardiff, Wales!

I was walking towards a bar I saw when I was walking to my hotel, and I ran across Super Mario. The Princess and Lugi were not with him.

One of four fun Germans I ran across while walking back to my hotel.

WOW! That is what I have to say about Paris, France, so much to see so little time. I arrived in the early evening in Paris, having left Switzerland a little after noon, it was only a seven plus hour train ride. I checked into my hotel and hit the Eiffel Tower, then it was back to my room to get some R&R(rest and relaxation).

        The next day I was up early, and took the Metro off to the musee du louvre(actually ran into five people I saw on my metro travels later in the day), I then spent a little over four hours at the musee du louvre. I think I could spend at least a week looking at all the wonderful artwork contained within its walls. 


What you are looking at above is the Venus Di Mylo! 

          Once I left the musee du louvre, it was off to the cathédrale notre dame de paris. I solemnly walked around the church, even lit a candle and said a prayer in front of the Saint Joan of Arc statute. As well as sat in the main section of the church and said a few prayers. Next year the church will be 850 years old! WOW! Next on the agenda was a bus tour of Paris, which given it was my last day in Paris seemed like a good idea to see as many sites as possible. Got on the bus no problem, and enjoyed the sights. Paris definitely deserves a return trip.

         Upon conclusion of the bus trip, I stopped at a grocery store on the way back to my hotel, ate some dinner, and went to bed since I was scheduled to leave on the Eurostar train at 11:43 a.m.. After taking out my contacts I went to bed. 

        My wake-up call came a little too early. I did my last-minute packing, then it was a time to cab it to the Nord train station. Once I arrived at the train station, I quickly picked-up my train ticked and proceeded to go through British customs. Then it was a wait of a little over an hour before I could board the train, then two hours and fifteen-mintues later I was in London. Then I quickly made my way to the ticket counter to get a ticket to Cardiff, Wales, which I needed to take the London Tube to Paddington Station, then from there I could get on my train to Cardiff, Wales. I decided to visit Cardiff for two reasons, Doctor Who, and Torchwood. Two of BBC’s best Sci-Fi channels shows. Tomorrow I am planning on visiting the Doctor Who exhibit as well as the Castle, and a few other of Cardiff’s historical landmarks. 

         I quickly found a hotel on a website recommended by a friend. Then when I arrived at my current hotel I found another hotel that is about 40 pounds cheaper, that I will be checking into before I start my site seeing tomorrow. It’s a short walk from where I am . Here are some photographs that I took tonight from my walking around Cardiff, including a place I had a nice Italian meal. 


Two things I want to mention before I check out and move to my next hotel. First when I arrived in Cardiff, I took a lift(elevator) to ground level with some of New Zealand women’s football medical staff. They going to take on Great Britain this coming Wednesday. Lastly, while waiting to board my Eurostar train in Paris I heard a loud bang. I asked the man next to me what it was, he said the police just blew-up a suitcase that was unattended. Pretty wild.

Until next time!


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