London Day 1…and part of Day 2

      Hello from London,

        Arrived yesterday afternoon a little after one thirty local time, treated myself to a nice McDonalds McFlurry with bits of butterfingers. Then it was off to my first of two places I will be sleeping while in the Olympic host city. The Tune Hotel I actually read about on the train to Paris in the New York Times International Edition, they had a little section about travel and it included a write up on the Tune Hotel. Tune is a discount hotel, much like discount airlines, in that you want a extra towel well then you pay a little extra, and so on. My room was even cheaper because I was in the basement staying in a room with no windows. Gave me somewhat of an idea of what it would be like to live on a submarine. 

          Once I was all settled in, I took nap for about an hour, giving my body a rest. After the nap, it was off to do some exploring, I walked out of my hotel made a right and headed towards the River Thames. However on the way stopped at a lovely Subway restaurant which I believe has been at its current location for at least ten years. When I completed my black forest ham, then I crossed the street and saw the HUGE London Eye, which I am planning on taking ride in either later today or sometime tomorrow. I walked around Jubilee park, then I crossed Jubilee bridge, walked past the Ministry of Defense, Trafalgar Square(which was hosting a Olympic concert and was fenced off), did some more walking before arriving back at Tune. Dropped off my backpack, and took the London Underground aka Tube to London Bridge, not to be confused with the more elaborate Tower Bridge. Back on the Tube, and then showered and went to bed. 

        I woke up on the 23 July, did my usual packing of my toiletries kit, and double-checked my room which didn’t take long as it is pretty tiny. Then it was off by cab to my current residence the Lime Tree Hotel until Wednesday 25 July. 

       Going to relax just a few more minutes then hit the road to see as many of the sites I want to see today.


The London Eye in the early evening light.


A box that someone has painted a lovely mural on.


One of the many Olympic Mascot statues spread throughout London.


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