More London

After getting settled into the Lime Tree Hotel, it was off to check out the Sherlock Holmes Museum.



The museum of course is located at 221B Baker Street, I was a little bummed that one could not hail a hansom cab(horse-drawn). That being said, I first went into the museum gift shop, which of course you have to walk all the way to the back of to buy your museum ticket, making sure along the way you stop and check out all the items for sale. Price of admission to the house of the same historical period that Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and the other story characters lived in. There was a brief line outside 221B Baker Street, we were told by a constable(employee) that we had to wait till some guests left the residence. 

     First stop was study, where people could sit in the two chairs that would have been used by either Sherlock or Dr. Watson, as well as Sherlock bedroom, which had on one of its walls pictures of criminals Sherlock was following or had helped capture. Then the next floor had Dr. Watson’s bedroom, then the last floor, had some of the many characters that Sherlock helped or captured. Including the infamous Professor James Moriarty. 




      After spending sometime in the museum it was off to check out the Grand Lodge of England, a very old, and impressive building that was built in only six-years, financed completely by donors. A few outside pictures, as photography was not allowed on the inside. Oh, during the tour, the fire alarm went off, and we all had to exit and stand near a pub.


This is the top of the building, I took a few other pictures, however they are all on black and white film. 

         After the Grand Lodge of England it was a rush to the Tube, as quickly as I could headed towards the Victoria and Albert Museum, just in time to walk through their gallery of photography. Which houses some photographs I have seen before, as well as many I have not seen before. Then literally as I was looking at the last photograph in the gallery, the guard let everyone know the museum would be closing in five-minutes. Will definitely spend more time at the museum next visit.
Had dinner at Italian restaurant near the hotel, and walked around the neighborhood before turning in for the evening. 

         Until next time!

           p.s. next time will include last day in London, as well as arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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