What a past three days in Edinburgh!


         Well since my last post a bit has happened. This past Saturday I went to the Edinburgh Air Show, at an old World War I and II air field. It was only a thirty-minute drive from where my friend Ray and his parents live. Once we arrived and parked, we made our way to the gate to get into the air show. We had to wait about fifteen minutes then once inside we had a drink and a sausage biscuit. Since the planes did not start flying for another three hours we decided to visit some of the hangers, the first hanger we visited houses the British Airways Concorde experience. Ray’s mom, waited in line for Ray(Ray and his father share the same name), and I. We walked around the rest of the hanger reading all about the Concorde plain, its crew, and several of its famous passengers. 


Just part of the massive Concorde plane. 

Here is me inside and coming down the stairs.



After we finished in this hanger, we went out, visited a few more hangers, one of which a group of volunteers are building a World War I bi-plane. It has taken them over ten-years, and they are looking at finishing it hopefully in two more years. Here are a few pictures of various sections of the plane.



The weather was not too bad for the first hour of the show, however after that it rained off and on the rest of the day. All three of us made it to all the hangers, and had a fantastic time despite the weather. 


Sea King helicopter.


The Red Arrows, the same flying group that I saw fly over Edinburgh Castle just before the firing of the canon-timer. 

Once the air show was over, I was dropped off back at Ray’s where I changed out of my wet clothes, Ray and I then waited for his parents to pick us up, and then it was off to a nice dinner. Back home after dinner, Ray’s dad joined us and we watched a movie. Thus ended my Saturday.

        Sunday was a busy day. I will forever call it and remember it as Sir William Wallace day. After breakfast Ray and I headed to Stirling Castle, we walked around for several hours checking out the castle, the chapel, and various other rooms. 


Stirling Castle


One of the original hand carved heads, that once hung on the ceiling in one of the ceilings. 

We caught the tail end of one of the free guided tours, and were able to ask the guide some questions about the castle. 

    Next on the Sir William Wallace day tour was the Sir William Wallace Monument that was erected in Victorian times, and from the bottom to the top one must climb 246 steps. Why mention the number 246 Jim? That’s not a lot of steps is it? Well it is! The steps are circular and go straight up to the top of the monument, which a few floors with displays every so often. In my opinion not often enough. On the way down felt a little dizzy from the constant left turns I was making.



Me at the top of the monument.


One of the beautiful views from the top of the monument. 

Once we were down at the Sir William Wallace monument it was time to stop by the grocery store, and get a few items for dinner. When dinner was over it was time to watch Braveheart for the first time, WOW what a movie. Thus ended Sir William Wallace day. 

     Today I went to Rosslyn Chapel were I spent a few a few hours, listened to a twenty-minute tour guide speech, as well as a ten-minute prayer service. I took a stroll down to the Rosslyn Castle ruins, there is very little at the top of the castle that is still standing.



 Then it was back to downtown Edinburgh, were I walked down the other side of the Royal Mile, popped into the Edinburgh Museum for fifteen-minutes before it closed. I then waited for the bus back to Ray’s house, which takes about an hour from downtown Edinburgh. 

      Tomorrow will involve a Scotch whisky tour, and a few other stops in the highlands. Hoping to see some Scottish highland cattle.

      Until next time!



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