Scotch Whisky tour?

      The day of the Scotch Whisky tour started early, and I do mean early, like 7 a.m.. Had a nice little breakfast at home, then it was off to pick-up Alan, and Morag(traditional female Scottish name), then it was off to pick-up Andy, and then it was off to the Highlands of Scotland. 

      A little over an hour into the tour we pulled over for an emergency dram of Scotch Whisky. This lasted for about twenty to thirty-minutes. 


This is actually taken of the group a little while after we left the Cardhu distillery(which is the heart of all Johnny Walker whiskies). The first time we pulled over it pretty much looked this. 

      More driving ensued, and then it was time to have some traditional pub fare. I decided to go with sausage and mash(mashed potatoes). Here is a picture of the lovely pub/hotel that we ate at.


Then more driving, and then we finally arrived at Cardhu distillery, which I enjoyed for the first time while I was in Dallas, Texas last year. We were all able to get on the last tour of the day, which lasted about twenty to thirty-minutes, afterwards we can sample either the twelve-year-old or special cask aged Scotch. as I had enjoyed the twelve year old in Dallas, I went with the special cask aged, and it was delicious. Before we left to make our way back to Edinburgh, we walked over to a field literally right next door to the distillery that contained Highland cattle, I love unique animals, and the cattle are certainly unique. 


Word of warning, never pet a Highland cow on the head, it may or may not attempt to gore your forearm with its rather sharp and pointy horn.

     After the distillery we stopped for some of Andy’s Cardhu 12-year-old Scotch, and were able to watch some guys fly fishing on the Spey River. 



While we were drinking our Scotch I never saw either of these fishermen catch anything. 

Here is the group of guys that went on the Scotch Tasting. 


Here we are on the one-way bridge that takes you over the River Spey.

We all stopped again at two pubs for a beer, and soft drink for our designated driver. The one pub that made us feel really welcome on the way home was The Mash Tun(google it), had a excellent beer. What was the name? Hmmmm?

Image Oh yeah that is the name of it.

Shortly after we had our last pub beer, and were leaving the Scottish Highlands we came across another field of Highland Cattle.



We had a traditional fish and chips before we officially ended the tour. What a great day with new friends, some whisky, and beer!

     Until next time!



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