Edinburgh Zoo

Monday the 6 of August I visited the Edinburgh Zoo, took the bus and arrived an hour after they opened. The Zoo is laid out very nicely, with lots of room to expand if it wants too. Here are some photographs I took while spending about four hours at the Zoo. Next post will contain what I did the last day in Edinburgh, as well as my flights back home, and my two stops in Amsterdam. 


The sign in front of the main entrance to the Zoo.


Several months ago the Zoo received two pandas on loan from China, they were still getting acclimated when I visited. With any loan of these rare animals, there is hope that they will breed and produce a few baby pandas. 


Can anyone guess what these are? Give you a hint Sunset Boulevard the movie or musical. Ok, there Vicuna, their hair is used to make coats, sweaters, etc…


Just some upside down monkey playing, these two are brown Capuchin monkeys.



This is a Patagonian Sea Lion.


This is part of the world famous penguin exhibit at the Zoo, however it had sprung a leak months earlier and was in the process of being cleaned out before it will under go renovation for the first time in over sixty-years. Normally there is a daily penguin walk through the Zoo, since the exhibit is closed and the penguins are housed separately there was no walk. 

      I throughly enjoyed my time at the Zoo, on the way out I asked to fill out a comment card on a few of the employees who made my visit very enjoyable. It turns out the assistant manager for the front desk staff was originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Having spent two years living there myself, we talked about Pittsburgh, the Zoo, among other topics. I wished her a good day, then it was back on the bus, and headed for the heart of the city, where I did some more walking around before heading back to my friends house. 

       Until next time!



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