Last 8 hours in Europe

          Amsterdam! Arrived at the airport with a little over eight hours till my next flight that would take me back to Detroit, Michigan. I decided to take the train into the heart of the city, and spend a few hours enjoying a few sites. Once I arrived I stopped by the tourist information center, and purchased a ticket for a bus ride around the city. Unfortunately, the bus tour I thought I was getting, and the brochure I received, were not the bus I took the tour on. Despite this minor disappointment I took the tour of beautiful city of Amsterdam, which is worth visiting. 


The tourist office of Amsterdam!


A plastic duck with plastic ducklings floating near one of the many floating piers.


One of the main exhibits at the fotographic museums, it was very fantastic museum, and definitely worth the visit. When I was there, the above photograph represented one of the most well-known paparazzi Ron Galella. He has photographed famous people all over the world. Definitely worth a google. 


After the bus tour and fotographic museum, it was off to the train station, and back to the airport. Once I went through security it was onto my gate, and waited a little over and hour and a half, and I was on a plane heading back to America. 

        Arrived safe and sound back in Detroit, Michigan, and made my way back to my hometown. The journey is not over, it continues everyday. 

        Until next time!


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