Black and White Photographs from European Adventure 2012

       Finally the lab delivered me my black and white photographs. Here are a few of my top picks!


Bridge in Paris, near the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. 


self-portrait at the Edinburgh Air Show.


I had my film camera with black and white film in it, and couldn’t get my digital camera up fast enough to take a color picture. This woman had pink luggage, hat, shoes, and dress on. How often do you seen a pink cowgirl in Milano, Italy? 


Man walking his dog at the North Berwick, Scotland pier. 


North Berwick Pier, Scotland, as luck would have it, the sun came out after the High Land games were over.


At one of the piers along the Scottish coast.


Ruins near my dad’s village in Italy.


Some lovely graffiti in Greyfriars Cemetery.


Street corner in Calitri, Italy, where I ran into a lovely English couple.

        I hope that you enjoyed the photographs, I may be adding some more black and white pictures at another time. Until next time!


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