I picked-up the June issue of Photo DIstrict News that was sitting in the same spot that I left it before I left on my European adventure. One of the reasons I love the June issue is that it is the magazines photo annual issue for 2012. Where they cover everything from photo books to student works, for me this issue is one way to see what marvelous work is going on in many aspects of photography. 

          One of articles in this issue discusses crowd-funding success stories. Four photographers experiences with crowd-funding for their photography projects are high lighted. The idea of producing a book/photography project is something that I have thought about a bit, and most recently just about every day. When I have the idea for the book/photography project figured out, I will let everyone know and post the link to the crowd-funding website. Donors will receive more than just a thank you. I am thinking that now, those who give $50 will receive the standard edition of the book, a collector’s edition could be offered to those who give $120. If someone wanted to give more prints from the book would be given, someone pledging $5-10 would get access to the “behind the scenes” section of the crowd-funding page. Possibly for $25 one would be offered a personalized postcard. Just some thoughts on how the pledge rewards might work, I got the information from the article I mentioned earlier in the June issue of Photo District News. 

        If anyone has any experience with crowd-funding, and or websites to use please let me know. 




       Until next time!        


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