Old Toledo Edison Power Plant



              Today I went down to the old Toledo Edison power plant that is in the process of being torn down. While I was in Europe that have made some progress in the demolition of the building. It is being demolished slowly, and everything that is salvageable is being sorted, then the sorted materials I am assuming are being sold. The following are photographs that I have taken over the past several months with the last one having been photographed today. 


     Inside the guard shack.


  Step up to the counter, sign in, and pick-up your visitors pass.


When the front gate was still standing outside, this would have been the control box to run it.



     When your homeless any structure that has solid walls, and a roof is as good a place as any to call home. 


One of the main entrances to the Toledo Edison power plant. 



     Close-up of the bottom of one of the light poles that sits on either-side of the main entrance. Apparently even the light poles made it onto the inventory list.


   When it’s your power plant you get to have your company name the man-hole covers.


      A few inside one of the open windows that is just above ground-level. What is seen here is part of a railing.




         Open, Close, and Stop, these buttons used to open the garage door at the guard shack. However the doors fell off a long time ago.



               A few from ground level looking at the upper floors of the power plant. 



       Metal stair case to nowhere. 


        I will continue to visit this site from time to time until there is nothing left. With the rate at which the demolish process is moving it will mostly be several more months if not at least a year. 

       Until next time. 


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