The Cottage


       I have not been to a cottage in years since my grandparents owned one in Indiana. Well good friends bought a cabin in northwest Michigan. I was told they would be heading up a day before me, when Saturday arrived I officiated my high school soccer game, then when the game was over I got in my car and headed north. When I stopped to gas up my car, I texted my friends and let them know that I was on my way to the cabin, and I would see them around six-thirty in the evening. After I was three-quarters of the way to the cabin, I received a text saying they would not be at the until Sunday. Well I immediately called them, and explained where I was in my journey. After-which I was informed that there was a hide-a-key on the property, allowing me to sleep in the cabin and wait for my friends to arrive on Sunday. My GPS directed me to the cabin with ease. I hopped out of the car, and went in search of the hide-a-key, went to the place were my friends said the key would be. Only problem was NO key, well I looked again, making sure I did not miss it, or perhaps jar the key loose from its hiding place. Still NO key, well I drove back into town, because there is no cell phone coverage around the cabin. Talked to my friend and explained I could not find the key, well the owners brother said he put it back. I made the five-minute drive back to the cabin this time with my recently purchased flash-light to help literally shine some light on the area I was searching for the key. Again NO key, just the same rat droppings I had found in my first attempt. After the second search revealed NO key, I made the five-minute drive back into town, and had dinner at the only restaurant and bar in town. It was during dinner that I received a call on the bars phone for me. Even in the middle of no where at a bar I still get a phone call informing me that if I wanted I could spend the night at the house of a guy who’s done some work on the house. I thought about it for a second, and informed my friend I would just sleep in my car, after all it is a super sexy Hyundai Elantra Sport Wagon GLS. Oh yeah! 

        When I purchased my flashlight I also purchased some beer at the connivence which was a good call. I had one of six beers before calling it a night, mother nature did her best to help lull me to sleep by raining all night. I woke up about every two to three hours, sleeping some in the back seat, and some in the drivers-side seat. Occasionally I would turn on the car, leaving the heater for several minutes, before heading back to sleep. 

        The next day, I awoke to clear skies, and decided to drive around and do a little exploring, on my way to find a place to eat breakfast, I discovered an old Catholic church, and was looking to attend morning mass, only to find out that I missed it. The only mass is at seven in the morning. Slightly bummed about missing mass, I drove on, and discovered a lovely little mom and pop restaurant. I had some awesome home fries, eggs, toast, and coffee for $6.25!

         After a lovely breakfast I headed back to the cottage, swept the leaves off the deck. Then I got out my camera and tripod, and took several photographs of the cottage for my friends, and others that want to look at the property. I also tried out my new GoPro camera, and took several short videos. Then I called my friends again, this time they told me to meet them at the husbands brother’s house about an hour south of where I was at. I jumped in my car and headed off to my destination in the south, where I would enjoy a lovely meal, fire pit, and a good nights sleep, before getting back in the car and driving back to Toledo. Had a wonderful time with good friends who are more like family too me. 

        I am including a few photographs of the cottage. 








        Until next time!


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