D.C. bound!

               D.C. bound!


      Saturday arrived! That evening I would be boarding an Amtrak train bound for out nations capital. I love trains, can imagine riding my first train with my mom, two of my aunts, and two cousins as we went to widow shop in Chicago before Christmas. This trip however would not involve any Christmas window shopping, it sole purpose was to attend a career networking. However before the career networking event Monday, I departed on the train Saturday at 11:16 p.m. gracefully chugging along to Union Station where I would arrive twenty-minutes before 1 p.m. Upon arriving in D.C. I was met by a friend of mine, we soon headed for an Indian eatery in the bowels of the Union Station food court. After our lovely Indian lunch we board the METRO to lovely Alexandria, VA. We did a tour of the George Washington Masonic Memorial, closing down the memorial before we drove back to his apartment, where we dropped my tiny silver suitcase, after which we walked ten-minutes to Joe Theismann’s restaurant in lovely downtown Alexandria. We were met by another friend of mine, and a friend of his, which made for good company. Once our meals were gone., it was time for me to take a portrait of some friends, which I did before returning to the apartment. Once I completed my evening ritual of brushing my teeth, and checking my e-mail one last time, I was off to sleepy town. Upon awaking it was off to the shower, then the Metro train heading for the heart of D.C., where I stayed until a little after three, when it was then time to take a cab back to Union Station, where I grabbed a wonderful pizza pretzel at Auntie Anne’s pretzels, followed up by three scoops of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I enjoyed one scoop chocolate brownie, cookie dough, and finally cookies and cream. Very healthy! I see a run or two this week in my future, one run I know will be this Saturday which just so happens to be my birthday. After my lovely lunch, I bought dinner at Au Ba Pan, smoked ham, and cheddar cheese,  on a mixed wheat crasaunt. Then it was off to board the train and head back to Toledo, Ohio. While this is by far my briefest trip to D.C., I had as much fun as I could squeeze into the time that I had. Attending this career networking event I learned how to better apply for federal jobs, resume tips, and picked up some on-line job tips as well. One of which is one that I have known about, however I have not done that good a job at, which is to customize a résumé to each job that I apply for. All of this took place on Monday, from 8:45 a.m. till 3 p.m.. 


     The next stop this week will be possibly Chicago, however definitely Madison, WI. Where I celebrated my birthday last year at a lovely bar which gives you not only a free miniature sundae in a little beer glass, they also give you a decent size beer Stein with the bars name, as well as Happy Birthday, oh and I should mention all the free draft beer one can drink. Plus those celebrating their birthday’s do not have to wait just anywhere to get their birthday beer steins filled, oh no, they have a special area for which they literally belly up to the bar, and place their libation order. For me last year, and it is safe to assume this year, it will be either local or state-wide craft beers, as well as any beer that does not have a big B at the beginning of its name.


     Then it is back to substitute teaching, and continuing to fill out those job applications. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “D.C. bound!

  1. Happy Birthday Jim, I hope you are collecting beer coasters as well as free beer. D.C. is always fun and I’mm glad you had a good time. Chris

    • Chris, I was at Joe Theismann’s bar on Sunday night, forgot to check out their coasters. I will check out the ones in Madison, WI this coming weekend when I visit for my birthday weekend. Birthday is on the 20 October.

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