Dash to Madison…Madison, WI!

Just a sampling of some of the wines that we tasted.

 Well this past Saturday I turned the big 34! I made the six-hour drive to Madison, WI to spend time with a friend of I figure I have known close to 19 years. What an awesome friend, she let me crash in her spare room which doubles as her indoor greenhouse. Waking up in the morning made me feel as though I was waking up in a forest of organic herbs, and vegetables. 

        Thursday night I met my friend Tiffany, at a bar where she was with her co-workers for a going away party for a former co-worker. From there it was off to her hair styling appointment, then to grocery store to pick-up some items for dinner that evening, as well as breakfast for the weekend. 

       Friday was a stay in and relax kind of day. The weather outside was grey overcast, and raining. I did some reading, movie watching, and relaxing until Tiffany got home. Dinner was gnocchi, and some red sauce made with Tiffany’s help. Watched some of the NLDS, were the Giants were victorious over the Cardinals. 

       Saturday morning it was early to rise as we were running a 5k at Badger Prairie, where I visited second too last. Not too bad for not having run in easily six months, nonetheless a fun race and good times. Post race we dropped Tiffany’s car off for an oil change, ran a few errands, before picking up the car and heading home for me to take a pre-lasgana/costume party nap. I almost forgot that we went to the Nitty Gritty were I got my birthday mug, which entitles one to endless draft beer. What a place, free draft beer on one’s birthday! Went over to another friends house for some lovely pasta, salad, and chocolate brownies, as well as a bit of college football. Two of those in attendance were two young girls 4 and 7 who both beat me in tick tack toe, I am protesting both of their victories. After some quality time we departed for the costume party, where we talked, danced, and even had a few drinks. Met some fun people, and was introduced to some interesting drink-ware from the 1970’s. 

     Sunday it was time for me to put on my host hat, as I was volunteered to host a wine tasting for a group that calls itself “WASTED”. I contributed a bottle of Pinot Noir from Wine by Joe which hails from the state of Oregon. I also made a tomato and mozzarella dish with a light sprinkling of olive oil. Met some more interesting and fantastic people. After was all said and done helped Tiffany clean up, even went and got some beer from the grocery store across the street, as there was NO beer in the apartment. Then it was off to bed.

     Monday morning I awoke about 8:30. I packed my two pieces of luggage in the car, and headed off to Tiffany’s place of employment to drop off her spare apartment key. Then it was a mostly rainy drive back to Toledo, Ohio. Then once I got home, I unpacked, took a power nap, and off to Catholic Bible Study I went. Made a modest dinner, and then headed to bed.

     Until next time!





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