Photography & Life Projects

This boat looked as though it has not seen the sea in many years.



       When I saw this written on the front of a mausoleum in Greyfriars Church in old town Edinburgh, Scotland, I laughed out loud. Why might you ask, was I laughing out loud? I was remembering a time when I was in class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and one of my instructors was explaining when it was to use color versus black and white film. He gave the example that if there was an old fence line out in the country with a pinky dress snagged on the fence and blowing in the wind, using color would be ideal as one would be able to make out the color, making it stand out. If one had used black and white film, it would seem to just be another piece of clothing snagged on a fence in the country. The chalk by the way was NOT pink. I am guessing the vandals were making a statement, however it is lost on me. 

        I have several photography projects and am always its seems adding to my list. Some of my projects are ongoing, and I hope to carry on until I breath my last breathe(which I hope is many years from now). Those projects include old, abandoned, or unique buildings. I love to imagine what it was like to live, and work in the buildings. What were the people like, etc… To me all good projects at least for me are always ongoing, it’s the dull ones that seem to fade away, never to return. Though sometimes they do, and become ongoing, and then again some fade away for good. 

        Life projects….hmmmmmm. Well one main life project I find myself thinking about daily is what is my purpose? What is it that God want’s me to do, if you’re not religious or spiritual that is fine. I am not here to judge anyone. Though those whom are not religious/spiritual must still feel a longing to know what it is they are to do that will make them happy for all if not most of their lives. Having worked many part-time jobs over the last ten-years I can tell you there were a few times I wished some of those jobs had turned into full-time positions, and then there were other jobs that I was glad were over. Aside from finding my full-time job, I feel another life project is to continually work at better myself, and helping those around me to better themselves as well. Most days I would say I succeed however there are also many days I fail. One thing I do everyday is to learn something new, wether it be how to tie a new knot, or maybe a new word in a foreign language. The days I don’t learn anything I lay in bed, thinking to myself that tomorrow is a new day, and with it the chance to learn something new. Will I ever carry out all my lives projects? No, I will not. It is the journey that I do my best to focus on, for the ending is inevitable. 

     If you have any thoughts or suggestions on photography or life projects let me know. I am always interested in new project ideas. Now off to make some lunch. 


     Until next time!


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