Old Toledo Edison Power Plant 2

       After nearly two months of not visiting the Old Toledo Edison Power Plant, I decided to revisit on a bright sunny Saturday. I was quite amazed at the amount of work that had been down in my absence. If you have not checked out the earlier blog about the old power plant click on this link, http://wp.me/p2wBg7-gF . You will notice that one side of the building has been completely leveled, leaving the very tall part of the building which its very large glass windows, and its three large smoke stacks still reaching for the heavens. I will truly miss this building when it is has been leveled. 


The massive towering smoke stacks!


  Looking through the site towards downtown Toledo. 


    An old entrance to the plant, now blocked by debris. 


How much does a patch of grass go for these days? 


What is left of an old door at the plant. 


Where did the ladder go? There is a photograph of this corner on the earlier post about the plant. 


Work being done outside of the new Toledo Maritime Museum. The ship in the background was moved several hundred yards down the shoreline. 

        It is my goal to get down to this site before another two months pass. Have a good day everyone.


         Until next time!


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