Darkroom Cometh

After many years of thinking about it, it has happened. I have in my basement a darkroom to produce black and white prints. Once I acquire a few more items, such as a timer for my enlarger, easel, tongs for trays holding the chemicals, and the 50mm lens for the enlarger I will be ready to make some prints. The past few days I could have been printing, however It was not until I had everything set up and a negative in the enlarger and turned it on, did I realize that I did not have a lens for the enlarger. Without a lens a wide beam of light streams from the enlarger. Quickly I went on-line and found a lens and tongs, which should be arriving either tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Now when it comes to the easel and timer, I am currently highest bidder on eBay for both items. I would love a print dryer as well, though for now I will just squeegee and blow-dry my prints. Don’t judge me! Well you can, but it still won’t change the fact I don’t have a machine to dry my prints for me. The ones that I used when I was in school run about $350-400 dollars.

In anticipation of my darkroom becoming fully functional I have created a account on Etsy to sell original prints. Once I actually have prints made, I will go ahead and complete my Etsy account, and my “store” will be open to the public. The name of the store is Photographs by Jim.

Until next time!


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