Toledo Edison Power Plant/Acme Coal Power Plant

I recently visited the site of the Toledo Edison Power Plant/Acme Coal Power Plant. It has been a few months and a lot has happened since my last visit, which can see on a earlier blog post; . When you visit the earlier blog post after viewing the photographs in this post, you will notice how little is left to tear down what remains. I used my new advance point and shoot Panasonic Lumix 5, and I experimented with some different settings on the camera, i.e., pinhole, miniature, dynamic black and white to name a few.


Pinhole setting of the three smoke stacks at the plant.


Miniature setting. The front lamp-post are being cut off one of the front entrances.


Just a few more walls are left standing.


Gravel service road with view of the remaining walls.


Abandoned for many years, who knows how long that graffiti remained unseen, now it briefly gets to be seen by those who pass by.


On the gravel service road lays a dolls bottle. Which made me wonder how it got to the gravel service road in the first place. This photograph was made with the miniature setting on the camera.

My goal is to head back to the site sometime this upcoming week, and photograph what remains if anything.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Toledo Edison Power Plant/Acme Coal Power Plant

  1. WOW Great Pictures !!!!!!!!!!! So clear & sharp I like them all esp. the pinhole one, gives me an idea for a project .NEW COMMITTEE> JIM

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