Toledo Edison/Acme Power Plant Three days worth of photographs

I recently visited the site of the Toledo Edison Power Plant/Acme Coal Power Plant, 13 February, I had been there on the 10, 11 and 13 of February as well. Everyday that I stopped by the site, another wall was no longer standing, a window was no longer hanging on by a thin piece of metal. To see the earlier blog posts; , I am planning on heading back down to the site sometime this afternoon if weather does not get too bad.

Sunday 10 February.


One of the main windows facing the road.


Peering through what used to be a window.


Looking at the base of two of the smoke stacks, via a ground level entrance for what I am assuming would be work vehicles. I am standing on top of debris almost up to the top of the ground level entrance. Balancing myself on large pieces of bricks and concrete with rebar sticking out.


Modern art sculpture or just twisted steel?

Monday 11 February


The bit of the wall on the far left with the window hanging on by a metal thread is no longer standing.


Top of the rubble pile which now occupies the ground level vehicle entrance. Appears someone forgot to throw out the old mop head.


Smoke stacks reaching into the clouds.

Wednesday 13 February


The wall and the hanging window are no more.


Old electrical box.


As of the 13 of February this was the last standing wall. When I go either today or tomorrow I will see if it still stands.


Here is what the control box for the guard garage looked like after it was scrapped for its electrical wires. The photograph with the cover on is in one of the earlier posts.


Until next time!


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