Public Telephone


          After spending some time taking photographs of the old Toledo Edison Power Plant, I drove around some streets I have never been down in a neighborhood that one really does not want to drive through at night. However during the day it is not too bad. 

         I was driving down one street and passed an old public telephone that despite its place was actually not as badly damaged as I have seen other public telephones. 


              You might be asking yourself, “Jim, the telephone is smashed and and a cable is coming out of the phone!” Yes, I am aware of that, however most of the time I see this phone boxes, all that is left is an empty shell with the phone box removed. 


       The highway in the background is interstate 75.


          Surprisingly this person did not give me a weird look, unlike the guy who was taking out the trash for the “latino club”, seriously there is a private members only club in Toledo.  This public phone is just across the alleyway from the back gate of the club. I told the guy I was just taking pictures, got in my car and left. 


                 Aside from the telephone, and keypad being smashed, and data cable torn out, this phone is not in bad shape. One could easily restore it, and sell it no problem. 

                 Until next time!


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